Why You Shouldn’t Watch The Biggest Loser 

This list of points are so good, I just had to repost them:

This quote is from fooducate.com

1. The Biggest Loser shames its participants as if they are lazy. A study published in the journal Obesity concluded that watching just one episode leads viewers to dramatically increase their own hateful biases towards obese people.

2. The Biggest Loser idolizes fast and unhealthy weight loss. Some participants lost as much as 20 pounds a week. A healthy pace is 1-2 pounds a week at most. This lets the body and digestive system gradually adapt to the new weight.

3. The Biggest Losers gain most, if not all, their weight back. Around 80-90% of the show’s participants have gotten back to their starting weight. The ones that stayed slim are working as trainers so are heavily involved in the field.

4. The Biggest Loser destroys its contestants’ metabolism. The regimen of many hours of exercise paired with limited caloric intake led to a metabolism slowdown of 500 more calories per day compared to a gradual weight loss regimen. This metabolism change means that a person is allowed to eat 500 calories less per day compared to someone who lost weight over a longer period of time.

5. The Biggest Loser causes irreparable damage to its contestants’ health – whether the skeletal system (knees, ankles), thyroid, or emotional health.

6. Some of the show’s sponsors are companies promoting fake foods such as Kraft fat-free cheese, energy Drinks.


The weight of it all.. 

Monday January 23, 2017

Day Three 

Took my “before” pics recently. I didn’t make a note of which day…it was probably Day One, but I will write about it here. I don’t think I can post them yet. I would like to have some better “after” shots to show some hope before I go all the way and show the Internet how bad my situation is… I will however post the scale picture of my starting weight. 

Oh it feels suddenly like I’ve just gone ahead and taken all my clothes off for the Times Colonist. What a life. Well have to start somewhere. 

By the way, ate really smart today and then had 7 perogies. That is half the amount I would usually have, and with the first bite I knew it was a mistake. Interesting to have a few days of clean whole foods and then take a bite of perogey with margarine and salsa. I could actually feel the heaviness of it going down my throat — or was that because I didn’t chew enough? Too easy to eat like a seagull and just swallow. Hahaha! Gross. I finished them but they sure felt heavy. Good to remember. Then went for a twenty minute walk. That was successful at least 🙂