Boardwalk Sooke

I hurt my knee a little this morning so then I decided to go for a walk. That makes sense right?! Well it was a plan I had to get outside and walk today. My knee was ok but it made me unsure and worried of where I was stepping. 

You park on Horne Road, walk down a steep incline, then down three flights of stairs… going down these stairs I realize I will have to go back up…

The boardwalk is very nice, on the water. It goes around to a ramp walkway going up to MacGregor Park, or along a trail in the woods that loops back to the stairs. This time I walked the boardwalk — 

And then the trail back to the stairs. 

It is not a very safe trail. It is not relaxing to walk because the trail is narrow and tilted and lots of roots of the trees popping out of the ground. A sign on the road warned of a bear in area, so I turned off my music after a bit on the trail part. Will I hear the bear before it starts to lunge to eat me and I will be able to get away?? Hmmm….

This walk took me 27 minutes. Uphill on stairs and the road back to parking lot, got me sweating.  I did not love this walk. But I did it! 


Author: CoronerJeans

Forty-something and on my way to becoming a superhero (or rather healthy and stronger and thinner).