Been a long time since I blogged. Fought a couple of colds and bladder infections recently and now feeling better. But it kept me from work-outs… also not really much to report as far progress… a health blog is actually rather dull when I don’t do extra research in the health and nutrition field and post things like that. Maybe I will try that later, who knows.
Good news: my weight is now down to 355.8 lbs! It was encouraging to see the scale drop in numbers at last!

Left side : Jan 2017 

Right side : Apr 2017
Another strange and good change that I have noticed: I can wrap up the vacuum cord! No that is not as huge as being able to fit into much smaller jeans, or run up some stairs, but this is rather significant to me. I shall elaborate.

Here is an example of an upright vacuum and the cord in the back.

I use such a vacuum at home, at work and at the Hall. Any time in years past when I would try to lean over and wrap up the cord properly, I would only get a couple of loops done before my back felt like it would collapse and my legs would literally begin to shake! I resorted to pulling the vacuum close to a chair, sitting down, and then wrapping up the cord. 

One day at work and being in a hurry I just wrapped up the cord standing up. All of the sudden it was wrapped up. Whoa did that just happen?? I actually stood and looked at the darn thing to see if I had really done it. Yup. 

Progress! I attribute it to my legs and stomach muscles being a little stronger. It is strange and not a usual measure of strength, but the fact that I was genuinely surprised that I did this feat should tell you how far I have needed to go! 


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