Today was the first workout I have done since getting sick in February, so I think it has been three weeks. I have been feeling better sooner than that but I was out of routine.

I grabbed a Turbo Jam dvd today from the shelf — Punch and Kick Jam. Yah well it kicked my butt! I won’t say it was a total failure because I did last for about 30 minutes and worked up a heck of a sweat, but I couldn’t finish the workout. I had to skip to the cool-down and stretching at the end. 

I would say that Turbo Jam is beyond me just yet…at least that particular work out is. I will go back to Biggest Loser DVDs for the time being and hopefully can work up my stamina to do the Turbo Jam dvds later. Have you tried Turbo Jam? It is fun but bordering on high impact aerobics, you can do everything at a lower intensity but I couldn’t even keep up with it doing it that way today hahaha! Lesson learned.

Next lesson I learned: I feel great! I put off the workout until about 4pm today. Most of the morning spent in bed. So tired and very sore today too so I wasn’t looking forward to it. Then I thought, well maybe the workout will help the pain and guess what it did! The opposite to what you would think — my side and hip and lower back was hurting so much and now after the workout it feels better. Maybe the blood flow helped lol.

Anyway, Turbo Jam is now to be another goal to aspire to. I have to work up to it and still can’t even keep up with the Biggest Loser workouts. You should try these honestly. (If my friends are reading this, ask me to borrow them!)


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  1. I think you kicked turbo jams butt! Doing that while coming off a cold, that takes some strength!!!

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