A dislocation led me here…

One of the reasons that I started to really want to lose weight again and get healthier was because I ended up in physiotherapy for a dislocated shoulder. 

That in itself is a long story but short version: October 2016 I fell in the shower and dislocated my left shoulder and it popped back in on its own. I must say that the pain I went through for the following two weeks was horrific and the two months after that was down to the level of mind-numbing excruciating.

I didn’t go to physio right away, much to the ire of my doctor. When I went to him two months after the accident, and asked for pain killers, he asked me “Are you in physio?” 

“No, I’m in too much pain to be in physio.”

“No you are in pain because you are NOT in physio.”

He wrote the prescription for some painkillers and also gave me a bit more of a lecture about physio. “You MUST just do it! Just spend the money on yourself and do it because you will never get better if you don’t.”

The painkillers cost me $30 and might as well have been jellybeans for all the help they gave me. They didn’t touch the pain at all. 

After the dr appointment, I sat in the car outside the office and cried. I was frustrated and so overtired (for two months sleep was only happening in 1-2 hour increments and then my shoulder would wake me up.) I phoned physio that afternoon and made an appointment. I paid $68 for the 30 minute appointment and a length of resistance band and printouts of my exercises. I thought “wow $68 for some latex and paper. I’m in the wrong business.”

I did the exercises they gave me everyday. At the second appointment a week later, the physiotherapist measured my range of motion and I had improved it by 50% in just one week! 

Soon I was sleeping better and longer. More strength was being restored to my left arm. And I noticed that after I left my physio appointment, I always felt amazing!!! The appointment would go like this: we would talk a little, then she would get me to show how far I could move my arm, then I would lay on the table and she would pull and stretch my arm as far as it would go until I had to tell her to stop because I thought I might die. And then I would spend a few minutes with the guy in the gym to make sure I was doing the exercises right and he would add more to the list each week. That’s all! And I would leave after that and feel super amazing!

(As you can see by this picture, a shoulder injury can be especially bad because there is a lot going on in there! It is a joint that can move in more ways than any other of your body’s joints.)

Also, my shoulder was improving more and more. So it made me think more about my body. Here in just one week, my shoulder had improved 50%. God made this body to heal and get better and that was proof that my body could still heal! I was given an amazing machine to use in life and I had trashed it , ignored it, let it get too heavy and flabby and fed it all sorts of junk. What was I doing?? Is this how I thank my God for this gift He gave me?

Well to be forgiving to myself, it is a complicated mess that has brought me to the weight that I am. Many years of trauma and then bad habits and not caring. So it is not all my fault that I am here but I can change the direction I am going. So that is what I started doing. When I fail: like missing a workout or having a muffin, or staying up too late, I don’t give up — I just start again the next day to do better. 

It is working and it is slow, but it is working.

If your doctor says you need physio, believe him and do it right away! I am a believer in it now and will never doubt again. And in some ways it is a trial that brought something really good to me, because my going to physio got me to focus on my shoulder and subsequently my capacity for healing and I decided to heal more than just my shoulder. 


Author: CoronerJeans

Forty-something and on my way to becoming a superhero (or rather healthy and stronger and thinner).