Thoughts on The Biggest Loser

Did you watch the Biggest Loser when it was on tv? Maybe if you are skinny and fit, it wouldn’t appeal to you. I loved it! I found it motivational. Of course it was never motivational enough to make me get into a proper and sustained exercise routine haha! 

The Biggest Loser contestants were all tremendously overweight and what they accomplished each week in terms of exercise goals and weight loss was amazing! And they were sometimes come to these great epiphanies and cry and I would sit watching and I would cry too. And at the end when the last person won, oh man I would cry. It was so emotional. I think it was partly because I was battling my own weight and emotional issues and so could really relate.

I have work out videos made by the same people who were the trainers on the show and the people in the videos are people from different seasons of the show. Always it is during the season, so they have lost a lot of weight but are only part way through the journey. That means I’m working out to a video with all these fat people on it, and they are doing the routines way better than I can — totally kicking my butt! Wow! I will catch up eventually!

Recently I was reading past blog posts on Nerd Fitness website. Two were about The Biggest Loser. It has been ten years or more since the last season I believe , but anyway what has been seen since the show is that most of the contestants have gained their weight all back!

From one season, doctors and researchers brought in the former contestants and out 14 of them, 13 had gained back the weight and some! Wow so sad! The really awful thing that has happened is that now their metabolisms burn less calories than they should at a normal resting rate for their current size. 

There is a lot of sciencey stuff to prove all this and I haven’t had time to research and read enough about it yet to explain it here. 

Check out 


in the archives of the blog posts and look for The Biggest Loser in there if you want more info right away. 

What I gather from what I have read already is that the rapid weight loss that the show achieved was too hard on the people’s bodies and really wrecked their metabolisms. Doctors on the show at the time had said that if the contestants wanted to maintain their weight loss after they left, they would have to work out about 9 HOURS a week!!! That is ridiculous! Who can do that and live a normal life at the same time? Also, on the show, there were personal trainers working with them all the time and monitoring. But because it was technically a GAME SHOW, it was all about winning the money at the end, so there was not enough true help to make them have permanent changes in lifestyle and attitudes about food and health.

I do remember that when I was watching the show, I noticed that they focused everything on the exercise and really never talked about food at all. And some of the “tests” that were set up were just cruel. For example, the contestant would be allowed to go into a whole room decked out with desserts. If they ate some desserts, they could gain certain advantages for their team. But then it would give them calories that they would have to work off later. Or they could decide to not eat any of the desserts and just focus on themselves losing the weight.

Well, put an addict in a room with their free heroine and what is that supposed to actually achieve? I kind of think that is mean. But it was a show and a game so that is that. But now look what has happened to some of them?? Example one man went onto the Biggest Loser at 444lbs. He got down to 289lbs. Now after the show some years, he is back up to 450lbs, and what is worse is that his metabolism did not reset to his weight gain. He burns 458 FEWER calories a day than a man his size should.

I think this is horrible that this happened to these people. I’m shocked that no doctor or trainer could see the problem in the future while the show was making these amazing claims! 

This doesn’t mean that it will happen to me or you with our weight loss. Because the people on the Biggest Loser show, did their weight loss in a very short amount of time and with little or no focus on nutrition. 

But for me, after reading these articles about the post show weight gain etc, when I work out to the videos, I don’t feel quite the same as I did before. The trainers on the videos — I always think now “Did you know this was going to happen to them and you said nothing?” Hmmm. It still is a good work out video, but makes me wonder how the show could keep going?! Maybe they have changed some of the way the show is done now. I don’t think I could watch it anymore knowing what I know. 


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