Sick week

Had a wicked cold since last Sunday. Started with sore throat, progressed quickly to head cold and chest cold. It’s almost done now. 

Soon I should be able to get back to my work-outs. I haven’t exercised while I have been sick. At first I thought I might, but then my cold quickly turned to a chest cold, and that decided it. 

Experts say that if your sickness symptoms are in your neck and above, you can still work out. If your symptoms are below the neck, you should not. Those systems are all needing a lot more energy to heal, so exercise will just push your body too far. Same with if you have a fever — don’t exercise.

I weighed myself on Saturday morning and my weight has stayed the same this week. I didn’t do too much comfort food during my cold and I drank tons of fluids so that must have helped the weight stay the same as well as getting well!


Author: CoronerJeans

Forty-something and on my way to becoming a superhero (or rather healthy and stronger and thinner).

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