“It’s been one week”

Jan 27, 2017
Day Seven

Weigh-in day. Lost 6 pounds last week! That will not always be the case — that the loss will be as great. I will probably be losing water retention at first, I think. Anyway, down to 360. I was so scared to weigh myself this morning. Worried it would show no progress and i would feel like giving up. Ok still going.

This morning did Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout from website Nerd Fitness. If you are a nerd and would like to increase your fitness, check out this site. It is really good and hilarious too. Example: one of the things the founder Steve says — “Sugar is worse than Darth Vader.” I keep that in mind everytime a cupcake rolls around. Who wants to go over to the dark side just for the price of some frosting?

The Beginner’s bodyweight workout is as follows:

20 squats

10 push-ups

20 lunges

10 dumbbell rows

30 jumping jacks

There is supposed to be a plank in there too, but I cannot do a plank because I cant put any pressure on my knees at all. So I just skip it. Other modifications I had to make is that I am not on the floor for the push-ups. I use the kitchen counter and just walk my feet out a little ways. Also I can’t do a proper jumping jack, so I do a side to side toe tap while doing the jumping jack arms.

Nerd Fitness has a lot of free content and videos of how to do this and other work-outs. I love this site, it has helped lots.

Above pic is an example of Nerd Fitness content. 😄

Yesterday I ate pretty much fruit and veggies all day. I had a bowl of Cheerios in the morning and I allow myself coffee and dressing for dipping the veggies. I bet my lunch was about 6 servings of veggies!

Later in the afternoon I was going into a level of detox. I was a little light-headed and had a headache. My body was probably expecting more sugar and bread and cheese. The headache was pretty bad. Also I was running on just 5 1/2 hours sleep the night before. 

Dinner: I can have a “normal” dinner. We had lasagna. I ate some crackers and salsa after that, then went to my cleaning job. Bam it hit me, I was suddenly so tired. I could barely lift my feet to walk sometimes and my eyes wanted to close. It was so weird and kind of funny. I was thinking slow. Was it still detox and/or the meal of pasta and gluten? It was not fun. I felt so tired that I was feeling doubtful of my plan to lose weight because I have had an increase in energy all week.

Tea and sleep helped. I’m feeling better today and got through the work-out. Nerd Fitness says the first week people are usually great and motivated and THEN — Darth Vader? Smiths in the Matrix? What? What will get me now? Hmmm it will be loss of momentum if anything. So it is good I did the workout. Now on to laundry. 


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Forty-something and on my way to becoming a superhero (or rather healthy and stronger and thinner).

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  1. Don’t give up!! Extra tired means better sleep!! and every step you are taking is a step to a more healthy you!!

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