The weight of it all.. 

Monday January 23, 2017

Day Three 

Took my “before” pics recently. I didn’t make a note of which day…it was probably Day One, but I will write about it here. I don’t think I can post them yet. I would like to have some better “after” shots to show some hope before I go all the way and show the Internet how bad my situation is… I will however post the scale picture of my starting weight. 

Oh it feels suddenly like I’ve just gone ahead and taken all my clothes off for the Times Colonist. What a life. Well have to start somewhere. 

By the way, ate really smart today and then had 7 perogies. That is half the amount I would usually have, and with the first bite I knew it was a mistake. Interesting to have a few days of clean whole foods and then take a bite of perogey with margarine and salsa. I could actually feel the heaviness of it going down my throat — or was that because I didn’t chew enough? Too easy to eat like a seagull and just swallow. Hahaha! Gross. I finished them but they sure felt heavy. Good to remember. Then went for a twenty minute walk. That was successful at least 🙂


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