A strong engine

My physio therapist smiled kindly after asking me about any health problems in our fist meeting together, and my answer was “none really, just fat.” She did say that the thing about people who are overweight is that they tend to be quite strong because they are load-bearing all the time. That actually made me feel positive. Imagine a person in the health care field finding something positive to say about my being obese!

So the fact is true: I have a huge engine, and at 5 feet 11, I’m a big girl. I also have a lot “fuel” (fat) in the engine that can be converted to energy as I continue to focus and burn it. That is the plan. The engine is running now. How far can I drive this metaphor?


Author: CoronerJeans

Forty-something and on my way to becoming a superhero (or rather healthy and stronger and thinner).