The goal

I want to be Chris Pratt. Honestly if you could be him, wouldn’t you?


I want to be Chris Pratt.

Honestly, if you could be Chris Pratt, wouldn’t you?? After all, he’s so the “it” guy right now — Hollywood is all over him. He is saving the world all the time. Kind of like Captain Kirk. You know, always be yourself. Unless you are Captain Kirk, then be Captain Kirk. Yes, Chris Pratt is just like that right now. So I have my goal.

I’m not meaning stalking and stealing his identity. This is not an obsession that has reached madness. “Mr. Pratt your trash can, mail, on-set sandwich delivery — all totally safe.” 🙃

Certainly though I want to be a superhero, the Chris Pratt who is guarding the galaxy, a Raptor trainer.

Remember Andy from Parks and Rec? Fat and funny and adorable and mooching. Then comes Chris Pratt who is Peter Quill — WOW! How did that happen? Work.

Even the show Community commented on this amazing transformation. Jeff Winger: “And I know they gave digital muscles to Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. I watch Parks and Rec! I watched it. There’s no scientific explanation …!” Hilarious!

He worked hard and trained and dieted. So that is my goal — Chris Pratt my life. I don’t think I want a six pack, or have to work out THAT hard…never quite sure if those look that good on girls…but I have to do something . Just have to. I’m 40 something and probably 160 lbs overweight. I’m going to die if I don’t change it.

Also im exhausted of it. I’m in pain lots. My skin is unhealthy and my hair is thinning. I feel like I don’t even fit in this world, in the restaurant booth, the airplane seat, the seatbelt in your car. I’m so tired of that.

And I’m going to blog about it. I will journal along the way and try to share how this goes, perhaps giving myself some accountability should others read this blog.

This will be my simple and complex road to becoming a super hero, a Raptor trainer — how I said no to dessert and became Chris Pratt.

Author: CoronerJeans

Forty-something and on my way to becoming a superhero (or rather healthy and stronger and thinner).

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